Logo Design for Hong Kong Series
Client: Altrogo Ltd. | Date: September 2020 | Type: Logo Design
About : A collection of logos designed for client and it was used in social media platform and talking about different series of Hong Kong local topic.
Development Process - 1st Version: I reference some old street signboard in order to present the characteristics of Hong Kong to Altrgo Ltd. But the 1st version can't show the specific of each topic to the Hong Kong Series due to the same font size, audience can't focus to the main point in their first sight.
Development Process - 2nd Version: I tried to focus on the difference between those sets of logos. But the readability is still quite low due to the cursive font style. Also, the features of different topics still need to be improved. Therefore the font style of those set of logos changed to be more simple and contained their own color by itself to be easier to read.
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